Number of inhabitants of this Austrian small town - no more than one thousand people. It is located in an environment of the mountains which literally have forced out the tiny small town on the coast of the lake, in a hard-to-reach spot, far from large highways. However, despite all above-mentioned, difficulties do not frighten numerous tourists who all the year round come in Hallstatt.

The reasons on which flow of guests in Hallstatt does not run low, and year from a year, only increases a little. The first, and the most evident - a place this simply idyllic. Picturesque as if toy multi-colored lodges, narrow small streets, majestic slopes of a massif of Dachstein, blue waters of the Hallstatter Lake in which all blue of the sky is reflected, white swans on waves and the universal feeling of a spirit of the age - seems that the history in Hallstatt stopped, previously having embodied, as on cloths of the old masters, all charm of it as if place torn off from reality.

Walking on small town streets (there are only two streets and walk will occupy their no more than ten minutes), it is not necessary to look for sights - they here literally in everything. A central square Marktplaats, a tower Rudolfsturm the 13th centuries, ranks of accurate lodges in some circles, St. Maria's dated the middle of the 15th eyelid the Catholic church, St. Mikhail's small chapel near a tiny parish cemetery in which cellar is local bones store. It is necessary to tell about this last separately. The matter is that in Hallstatt it is not enough earth, and to bury dead men especially there is no place. Due to such deficiency also there was at the end of the 18th century a tradition: ten years later after death of a bone of the died people got from the earth, dried up to color of an ivory and stacked in a bone store just as it did in the Czech Sedletsa or, for example, in catacombs of Paris. Some skulls thus painted with every possible ornaments and drew life dates. So the place for new burials was released, and in Hallstatt thus there was a crypt which became today a separate magnet for tourists.

However, many guests of the small town prefer not to go down in a gloomy church cellar, and, on the contrary, to rise by slopes of mountains. There is the main reason of prosperity of these places throughout many centuries - hydrochloric place. To one of mines where arrange excursions for all comers, conducts a cable car. Hydrochloric place Hallstatt - one of the most ancient in the world, to it 3 thousand years.

Hallstatt's vicinities are besides rich on natural beauty, and therefore abound with the foot tourist tracks laid to picturesque mountain gorges, falls, glaciers and caves among which the ice cave of Rieseneishohle with stalactites and stalagmites is allocated is not worse at all, than in the well-known Abkhazian New Athos Cave.

And to admire all this beauty time it is possible from an observation deck В«Five fingersВ». To get on it, it is necessary to cross the lake, to appear in Obertraun's small town, Hallstatt which was a part there is no time, and from there to rise on a ropeway by height in 2100 meters. "Five finger's", which viewing bridges remind the opened palm of the person, by right it is considered one and the most picturesque in Austria.

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