Monument Valley

Monument Valley - the unique geological education located in the territory of a reservation of an American Indian tribe of the Navajo, in the southeast of the State of Utah, directly on border with the State of Arizona.

Represents the sublime plain being a part of the Colorado Plateau. The top layer of the plain consisting of soft sedimentary breeds, was completely destroyed, but over an equal desert surface there was a number of the rocks combined from less pliable to aeration of red sandstone. A number of the most outstanding rocks has own names (East Mitten, Western Mitten, Three Sisters, etc.).

The park "Monument Valley" works at the territory of a valley, the Navajo belonging to a tribe. The valley serves one of the most known tourist sights of the USA; in her territory scenes of a number of films (among them - "Back in the future 3", "Forrest Gump", etc.), and also clips devoted to "cowboy's" subject were shot.

Sightseeings of Monument Valley

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