Chocolate óbidos

In mid-March, namely 14 the number in the territory of one of the Portuguese city of óbidos will be the sweetest event of the year - the international festival of chocolate. For the sake of this event, hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive in this European country. At the moment, this festival is among the largest themed events in the world.
The festival will take place at the Park located in front of the medieval castle of óbidos. It is here everyone will be able to taste the creations of the best producers and even enjoy sculptures made out of delicious chocolate. In addition, there will be organized special tents where you can attend workshops where experienced bakers will tell you how to prepare cakes and sweets with chocolate. But perhaps the most interesting will be a contest for the best chocolate dessert. It will be able to participate and tourists. The winner will be awarded a prize of 500 euros.
Another tent will be created for children. Here will give lessons on making chocolates and sculptures out of chocolate. In addition, read interesting lectures about the history of chocolate. This festival will be held until April 6. For admission have to pay about 7 euros.

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