Dahab, Egypt

This former Bedouin fishing village is now a very popular tourist destination, especially among those who are seriously engaged in windsurfing. Off the coast of Dahab, one of the best places for this sport. It has long been known for its friendly welcome tourists, backpackers, Dahab begins to actively built up, but the atmosphere is still relaxed. Finally, Dahab is located next to the Blue Hole - the most dangerous place in the world for diving. Only experienced divers can try to swim through the "Arch". If you are a beginner, stay close to the surface. (Editor's note. Our list was compiled before political unrest, which resulted in many countries announced about the dangers of traveling to Egypt. If you are planning to go to Egypt, we ask you to take into account all risk factors and heed the warnings of the government of your country about the dangers of such a journey).

Places of interest in Dahab