10 Most Environmentally Pure Countries

The development of industry and sustainable use of natural resources has a significant harm to the ecology of the planet. However, even today, in some corners it is possible to find countries that are not tainted by the effects of technological progress. In such States, healthy environment is not only power, but also supported the actions of the population. Today they can be found on many continents of the Earth, which means that the chance to have a good environment in most countries of the world.
The Eurasian continent
Leaders in the list of countries with the most favorable environmental conditions for many years remain the Nordic States.
Thus, in Finland, the authorities pay great attention not only to the quality of water purification and security of industrial facilities, but also care about animals, creating favourable conditions for living. Even fishing here only with a special permit – agree, not in every country you can find such restrictions.
Sweden is a list of ecologically safe countries, primarily due to the high level of landscaping. A large part of the country is forests, and, therefore, air quality and biodiversity are at quite a high level.
Clean air is also famous for Austria. Located here are numerous mountain resorts attract tourists not only ski slopes, but also for the extraordinary freshness of the air and the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Switzerland is a country at a disadvantage from the point of view of the ecology of the area. According to scientists, this is the first state will experience the unpleasant consequences of melting glaciers. Perhaps that is why local authorities and communities strive to maintain the fragile ecological balance.
Nearby Norway is another example of a sensitive attitude towards nature. Here the natural fjords, lakes and forests more than a hundred years, are under the special protection of the state, backed by tough legislation.
Among the Central European leader in environmental friendliness is considered to be France. And it is not only in the high culture of the inhabitants, but also in the resources that are annually allocated for landscaping in the country. Due to this, the state not only boasts a huge area of forests, but also a large number of national parks, take a stroll in which any tourist.
In Western Europe environmentally friendly government can be called Latvia. Favorable climatic conditions, a large number of green spaces and natural water bodies in combination with low level of industrial production, and, hence, pollution – here are the causes of this ecological well-being.
North and South America
Among the South American countries, especially Colombia stands out. Great variety of flora and fauna, many parks and caring attitude of the authorities and the public to allow nature to call it a state rather successful in environmental terms.
In Central America the same title was awarded to Costa Rica. Almost a quarter of the area of this small country are national parks and other protected natural objects.
The Australian continent
In the South Pacific ocean also have an area of pure nature – New Zealand. A state located on the Islands, environmental safety pays very much attention. That is why there are so many marine parks and reserves, Botanical gardens and zoos. Local authorities are also concerned about reducing the harmful effects of man on the environment – for example, by imposing a tax on carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
This rating ecologically safe countries was compiled by experts from the British magazine The Economist. The study of each state were conducted in several directions. Evaluated not only the current environment (including pollution of air and water), but also the diversity of fauna and flora, the presence of running programs to combat negative climate trends and characteristics of agriculture.


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