Antalya The Pearl Of The Turkish Mediterranean

Antalya is one of the resort cities of Turkey, namely the Turkish Mediterranean, located in the South of the country. The mild climate, Golden sandy beaches, ancient historical monuments and well-developed infrastructure are the main "pillars" that hold incredible tourist popularity of the city.
The nature of Antalya is impressive richness and brightness. Over the blue of the sea there rise of the Taurus mountains, covered with a cloak of cypresses, orange trees and pines. Spring on the mountain slopes nature draws fabulous patterns from cyclamen and orchids. If you go early in the morning to the shore, you can see how calm the water surface merges with the white dawn mist and white clouds. No wonder that in ancient times the Mediterranean sea was called the White!
Antalya has to offer informative excursion for anyone interested in history and don't want to spend a holiday on the beach. Streets of the old town full of charm, charm and romance of antiquity. There are monuments from the era of the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans. Shops and colourful stalls urge to dive into the elements shopping. In a hot air-with the aromas of strong coffee and delicate Jasmine. So looks and smells the soul of Turkey.
Antiquity presented here is Hadrian's gate, which was erected in honor of Emperor in the year 130.
Antalya archeological Museum proposes to assess the richest collection of ancient findings. On display in 14 halls of sculpture, household objects, weapons, furniture, coins of different eras. All these wine vessels, clay figurines, statues of mythical heroes and emperors, the Golden censers, the rich sarcophagi of Byzantine mosaics and Ottoman amulets cause a genuine admiration.
The symbol of the resort is the Yivli mosque, built in 1230, in honor of the Seljuk Sultan. Its brick minaret decorated with a tile mosaic, visible from anywhere in town. Another fine example of Islamic architecture located on the Marina. Small Iskele mosque is buried in South green. A wonderful idea for urban exploring - find all mosques and madrassas Antalya. Them in the city quite a lot: the mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pasha mosque of Murad Pasha, Karatay madrasah, the Kesik minaret.
Definitely worth a visit Turkish Hamam, which is in many hotels. First client make foam massage special mitten, then the face or the whole body covered with a layer of healing clay, and then a personal master virtuoso makes a relaxing massage. After the health visitor procedures some herbal teas, juices or coffee.
For each guest of Antalya will always be mysterious, unexpected, intimate and affordable Treasury of the Mediterranean.


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