Five Free Entertainment In Munich

The Bavarian capital is hardly a city with low prices, so we have compiled for you a short list of free entertainment in Munich. Do you love music and the roar of engines, soccer, world-class parks, history or architecture - you will have a great time in the company of the locals for their favorite free entertainment.
Echoes of the Olympics
A trip to Olympiapark - venue for the Summer Olympic Games in 1972 - an excellent opportunity to escape from the city, especially in the warmer months. Walk among the sports facilities can be combined with a free concert. In August there is a festival Theatron, where the band plays everything from hip-hop to gospel music, from pop to punk. Musical performances are held in the amphitheater next to the Olympic lake. And, you can bring a blanket and drink and join the many locals eavesdropping performances star performers from the top of the Olympic Mountains. 564 meter high hill is located so that it can hear the music from the opening of the Olympic stadium, the arena that regularly perform performers like Beyonce, Linkin Park and Katy Perry. Olympic Park can be reached from a subway station Olympiazentrum.
BMW Welt
An avid car enthusiasts certainly want to visit the "Temple of cars", located next to the Olympic stadium. Adjacent to the factory of the famous automobile concern, "World BMW» (BMW Welt) is a huge show-room, where all the current models from sedans and Mini to racing cars, electric cars, and Rolls Royce. The futuristic building of steel and glass in the form of a double cone with a roof resembling a floating cloud, deserves special attention.
Training base in Munich "Bavaria"
Tickets for home games of the Bundesliga winners - club Bayern München, - who played for the world champions, not only are fabulous money, but in addition, they are extremely difficult to obtain. Yet do not despair, because you have a chance to see these magicians of the ball, dribble and pass masters in for free during outdoor workouts. They are held several times a week at the club on the basis of Säbener Strasse, about six kilometers south of the city center and a 10-minute walk from the Metro Mangfallsplatz. Check the training schedule on the official website of the club, before advancing to the place.
Museums on Sundays
To be honest, this is not free, but still a dozen tickets to Munich museums to 1 euro on Sundays - a true gift for art lovers. The list of famous paintings gallery (Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne), where you can see works by Rembrandt, Monet and Warhol. With antique sculptures can be found in the Glyptotek and the art of the Renaissance - in the Bavarian National Museum. Visitors under 18 years of age entrance to most museums are free at any time.
Visit the world's most famous beer hall Hofbräuhaus - the duty of everyone who comes to Munich. Even if you do not burn with the desire to empty a giant mug of amber beer, nothing prevents you to walk under the painted vaulted maze of halls, watching the drunken visitors or applauding the performers of folk music. Huge flags decorated banquet hall upstairs - the place where it was held the first general meeting of the National Socialist Party of Germany in 1920. However, this event is not mentioned in the exhibition dedicated to the history of the gallery.


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