Four The Highlights Of The Coming Winter 2015

Who said that it is necessary to celebrate Christmas traditionally? What if the exchange quiet holidays in the pudding race, a parade of turkeys and a meeting with the Alpine demon? All of this - not all possible points of the program of winter activities. To find out what other exciting events await you in the New Year period, read on!
Holiday turkey, France
Do you want to gain inspiration to the traditional cooked turkey? Cookbook is no longer sufficient to awaken in you a burning desire to pluck, stuff and roast? Then go to the Holiday Turkeys (Fête de la Dinde) in Licques, a small village located in the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. The festival, which will take place on December 12-13, organized by the huge number of exciting activities: dinners with turkey, markets, tasting ... On Sunday, the locals are going to look like a traditional Christmas table guests - turkey - with pride parade march kurlycha by. Top bird region even dance, desperately shaking his bushy tails under the jaunty tune of brass bands. Here, straight from the boiler piping hot, all the participants poured liquor Licquoise. Needless to say that the mood of the guests of this event is the rainbow?
Singing Christmas Tree, Switzerland
Do you think all the Christmas trees are approximately the same? Not at all. Such as in Switzerland, you have not seen for sure. Singing Christmas Tree, which is set annually in the square in Zurich Werdmühleplatz actually represents a huge catwalk size of a house. Looking closely, you will see that giant red candles on it - in fact, the choir singers, dressed in red hats and scarves. The musicians take their places "on the tree" to every day, up until December 23, to perform traditional Christmas songs and religious songs. Start date for submission - at 17:30.
Parade Krampuslaufen, Austria
In December, in the Alpine town at nightfall and then appear horned, hairy and scary (especially children) monster named Krampus. In neighboring Bavaria, he is also known as Perchten. The Alpine folklore, Krampus is the anti-hero, the antithesis of the good St. Nicholas (St Nick). He punishes the children who misbehave: beat them with rods, cruel scares them, and sometimes even puts in a sack and thrown into the icy river. Of course, today it has become softer (and fairy tales with his participation, as a rule, do without the rod and bags), but to this day in the form of wearing a shaggy goat skins in hideous monster mask becomes terrible. Track the villain can move on the ringing of bells and the incessant cries.
Christmas swim, Netherlands
If the heat you do not like and want something more refreshing, meet the first day of the new year off the coast of the North Sea! On this day, in the seaside resort of Scheveningen The Hague about 10,000 Dutchmen organize mass bathing in the icy waters (Nieuwjaarsduik). They may seem like a brave, can - crazy, but look away from the sight is quite impossible. If you decide to join him, and plunge into the icy blue brackish, most importantly, do not forget to put on the orange cap.


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