Free Entertainment In Athens

In order to fully feel the dizzying beauty of the Athenian life, not necessarily break the bank. Firstly, the city itself is quite cheap. Do not be surprised to find that by booking a regular hotel, most of the money you spend on dinners at trendy restaurants or expensive cocktails. Do you prefer a vacation? Or are you, on the contrary, does not plan to show off? Then there is good news in the Greek capital has many ways to entertain not just cheaply, and for free!
Syntagma Square
In front of the Parliament extends Plateia Syntagmatos. The name is translated as Constitution Square. Its main inhabitants - evzones, dressed in a short kilt and shoes with pompons. This is the traditional costume, which follows the style of dress klephts, alpine soldiers who fought during the War of Independence. They guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and replace each other every hour, marching, high kicking up his feet. On Sundays at 11 o'clock in the morning down the street Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier marches have a platoon of soldiers, accompanied by the orchestra.
Walking on Syntagma Square, convenient to watch other people. From the Houses of Parliament walk down to the legendary Hotel Grande Bretagne - it will rise on your right - and arrange on one of the benches to admire dimensional flow of life ... It is the main pedestrian crossroads, here is one of the busiest stations Metro Athens. At Christmas, the square set giant fir - and this place becomes a favorite backdrop for photos of local residents.
National Gardens
In the heart of the city houses the National Gardens of Athens - a favorite place of walks locals who are happy to take a break from the scorching sun in the shadow of the local trees. They extend behind the parliament building (although here you can go to either side) and previously represented the royal gardens, broken at the behest of Queen Amalia. The long avenue of trees lead to the groves of orange trees and ornamental plants; Here is split large children's playground and a cafe. Bring bread to feed the ducks on the pond, look for turtles living in a small marble fountain in the adjacent Zappeio Gardens.
Ancient ruins
Most of the famous antiquities of Athens, such as the Acropolis (Acropolis) and the Ancient Agora can be visited for € 12 (integrated fare). But besides them there are many attractions that you can see for free. Moreover, the Acropolis you can admire from anywhere in the city without buying any tickets. Hadrian's Arch, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Panathenaic Stadium - several antiquities that can be easily seen walking along the streets of the city.
Throughout the Athens scattered slightly less famous ancient ruins. During the construction of the underground Roman baths were discovered, which are now marked by appropriate warning signs throughout the area of ​​the National Gardens. The result of the construction of the metro station Syntagma become found an ancient aqueduct, and many artifacts, which are now exhibited in the exposition at the station. On the Monastiraki metro station also has an exhibition showing the archaeological finds of ancient times.
After years of excavations in 2014, the doors opened to the public Lyceum of Aristotle. Sign in here for free. Discovered in 1996, this place is a building where 2500 years ago taught the famous philosopher. You can find it in a small park between the Byzantine and Christian Museum (Byzantine & Christian Museum) and the Athens Conservatory.
Located in Plaka, take a look at the ancient Turkish bath, located in the gift shop at the Museum of popular Greek instruments (Museum of Greek Popular Instruments). In addition to the above, it is sure to delight tourists Byzantine churches scattered throughout the city and allow a glimpse into an era long gone Byzantium.


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