New Tourist Routes Nicaragua

The state of Nicaragua has officially announced the opening of new tourist destinations. These were the Islands such as Isla Pequena del Maiz, or little corn and Isla Grande del Maiz, which is also called big corn. To be precise, they called them tourist heritage of the country. This official status entitles the expansion of infrastructure facilities, i.e. improvement of roads, construction of new hotels.
In the southwest Caribbean sea is located two Islands, Isla Grande del Maize and Isla Pequena del Maiz. They take about thirteen square kilometer of land. Just eighty kilometers, if we move in a South-westerly direction, is a seaport called Bluefields.
Anyone tourist can arrive on the big island by plane. From the main airport Managua fly every day of relatively small aircraft. To preferable to a small island reached by boats and ferries, which are owned by local residents. Every year on this archipelago attracts tens of thousands of tourists who prefer a clean white beaches, activity partner, as well as diving and Snorkelling.


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