Places Where You Can Lose Track Of Time

It was assumed that a couple of days should be sufficient. Just enough to make before submitting to the next stop of his journey to explore the temple, which you have read, buy trinkets in the local market and take a walk around the city.
But it's been a week, but you're still here. Moreover, you do not understand at all how you can get out of here so soon. Do you have a favorite bar, where the staff welcomes you like an old friend and an administrator at the hotel perplexed when you have once again come to him with a request to extend your stay for another night.
Do not worry - in a fit of you not alone. Going to a two-week vacation or a trip to the length of the year, travelers often linger at certain points of their route is much longer than planned. We offer you the city in which, in our opinion, you can lose track of time, and the story of why they are so damn hard to leave.
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia - very calming
Ubud - the perfect haven for the weary traveler. Here everyone can restore their mental and physical condition. Ornate Hindu temples, beautiful rituals and traditions, flowering trees on the streets ... Despite its popularity, the city remained calm and spirituality. Fantastic spa treatments here are very inexpensive and are available everywhere, so there is as good to recover from parties other lively resorts of Bali.
What to see and what to do
Pura Taman Saraswati temple is located on the shores dotted with lotus pond. In the background a traditional Balinese dance performances look particularly colorful. Stroll around the sacred forest of monkeys, but remember - if you take your own food, your privacy will definitely be broken and you are guaranteed to gather around him a crowd of arrogant primates.
Antigua, Guatemala - very informative
Reflects on a trip to Antigua (Antigua), to refresh the Spanish or take the first steps in learning the language? Then get ready for a surprise. You will be surprised not only famous modern Spanish school, but also the cultural richness of the city, with its colorful colorful streets. The historical significance of Antigua, with its numerous religious shrines, museums and galleries, has earned it the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you do this, you will not be enough, the colonial beauty and unique style of the city, without a doubt, will captivate you.
What to see and what to do
It opened dozens of Spanish schools, the oldest of which - Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín. Be sure to visit sunny yellow church of La Merced and an abandoned convent of Las Capuchinas.
San Sebastian, Spain - too tasty
Agree, many of us arrange a daring night, storming several pubs in turn. Dine in several places in one night - much more unusual idea. A trip to San Sebastian (San Sebastian) - This is the best occasion to arrange a similar gastronomic feast. Among the gourmet region is famous for its pintxos, unusually tasty snacks that are served to the local wine, among the most popular varieties of which it should be noted Rioja and txakoli. Bars serving pintxos are usually small and noisy, with a steady flow of guests, who run up here a snack before the next stop. Once having joined the endless process of eating in good company, the traveler is required to get the hang of this pastime.
What to see and what to do
Day is best to relax on one of the two superb beaches of the city, the family of Playa de la Concha and favorite surfers Playa de Gros. Evenings, of course, the best thing to culinary challenges. Among the many excellent pintxos bars worth special mention places such as Borda Berri and Bar Goiz Argi.


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