The Best Beaches In Europe In 2015

Go through the map of Europe. Most of its coastal areas marked by numerous beautiful beaches, as if descended from the pages of a tourist catalog. And even as they are varied! In Europe, you will find in the Caribbean and white sands and sparkling azure waves, and romantically secluded rugged coastline, lapped by the majestic northern seas. Few in the world find a place where fans of beach holidays awaits such a vast choice.
We have prepared for you a list of the best beaches in Europe in 2015. It includes beaches that surfers like risky and responsible family man, hopeless romantics and active travelers, lovers and loners. Everyone will find an option for the soul!
1. Jaz Beach, Montenegro
If you are looking for privacy, better consider another option. But if you live in the spirit of adventure, if you are fond of unique culture and do not mind the incendiary parties, be sure to visit the spacious sandy Jaz Beach, located on the beautiful Adriatic coast of Montenegro. This summer, July 15-18, there will be the Second Marine Festival Dance By the way, the first medium-awarded Best European Festival in 2014. Such an event not to be missed!
Beach Jaz gets extra points and location: it is in the vicinity of Budva - Montenegrin "mini-Dubrovnik" with a charming Old Town and the fortress, which in July will be an open platform Municipal Theatre. Those who enjoy outdoor activities on the beach Jaz and all waiting expanse. Options range from rafting adventure in the canyon of Tara River to fly with a paraglider from Mount Lovcen.
2. Peniche, Portugal
The port and the eponymous beach Peniche dearly loved by surfers. This year, 20-31 October Peniche is host to one of the two European stages of the World Surfing League. Note, however, that this secluded beach, located on the Atlantic Cape crashed 60 miles north-west of Lisbon, is worth a visit even if you do not plan to "catch the wave".
Experienced surfers and bodiserfery hold a course on the west coast, to the perfect wave in the form of huge pipes beach Medão Grande Beach, and secluded coves of the neighboring Baleal perfect for beginners, families and curious.
Those interested in history should visit the old town center of Peniche, to see the ancient church and a fort built in the XVI and XVII centuries. Until the XX century it housed a prison for political prisoners. Today it is a museum. Divers can rent a boat and go to the islands of the archipelago Berlengas. It is a protected area so pristine underwater world here is perfect.
3. Rondinara Beach, Corsica, France
It is necessary to immediately make a reservation - Rondinara beach can not be considered nook. In high season (July and August) drops anchor here a whole armada of fabulous yachts and powdery fine sand beaches are literally disappears from view, hidden from prying eyes by tanned bodies. Corsica jealously guards its gorgeous beaches, and rightly so.
It is no exception Rondinara beach, located at the end of a nondescript road from the N198, halfway between the glamorous town of Porto-Vecchio and ancient Bonifacio. The administration is with great attention to the content of this resort, which can be called a luxury, despite the presence of a soccer field. The beach is shaped like a horseshoe and is in an ideal sand. Located on the banks of transparent azure bay, most of all he recalls gem lost among the reddish rocks and thickets of maquis.
Secluded beach location Rodinara protects it from strong waves. In addition, a real boon for a family vacation would be comfortable camping organized nearby. On the beach there is parking and a restaurant, open from May to September.
4. Cala Golorittse, Sardinia, Italy
The beaches of Sardinia are very diverse. But few of them can compete with Cala Goloritzé. This stunningly beautiful beach - one of the beautiful beaches of the coast of the Golfo di Orosei - dotted with tiny white pebbles, and is located in the shadow of the cliffs covered with macchia.
Cala Golorittse - not a classic beach "with pictures", with a silky soft sand and palm trees on the horizon. Its attractiveness is due, above all, hard to reach places and transparency of local waters. There are only two ways to get here: by boat or on foot. Most people swim to the beach of Cala Gonone, but truly an unforgettable experience you get, just down from the 400-meter-high plateau of Golgo plateau. And if the descent seem enough, you can join local climbers and try their hand at conquering the peaks situated close to the beach Aguglia height of 148 meters.
5. Beach Vik, Iceland
Black sand, mists and legends of trolls and sea monsters ... Vic Beach, or in Icelandic Reynisfjara, - the complete opposite of the Caribbean counterparts. Located at the southernmost point of Iceland (the most humid place of the country), this beach is of volcanic origin and is open seven winds fanned gothic, otherworldly energy, heated local folklore.
To get acquainted with the trolls of Vic, go to the west. There you will see Reynisdrangur - basalt pillars, according to the legend represent the fossilized remains of three Icelandic trolls. During low tide, dedicate a little time to research the caves, formed from cooled lava. It is believed that under the roof of the local geometric columns sheltering numerous mythological creatures. Consider petrels nesting on the slopes of rocks - the area is a paradise for seabirds.
To get to the village of Vic and Reynisfyara by following the main ring road. This place would be a great stop before the return trip to Reykjavik. Book a room at Icelandair Hotel Vík and hold for one more day to see the glacier Mýrdalsjökull.


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