The Five Most Interesting Country To Visit In 2015

1. Sri Lanka
Budget paradise on the edge of the earth
Why go: Exotic Culture trivial experience, economical vacation
Some of the countries affected by the strongest tsunami in 2004 and experienced a long civil war (1983 - 2009), until recently, remained unexplored for even the most intrepid independent travelers. But today the number of those wishing to visit the beautiful island is growing rapidly. The Government is actively promoting this and willingly allocates funds for the development of tourism. Affordable prices and the availability of low cost options for flight via Bangkok make this destination one of the most attractive for tourists.
2. Montenegro
Untouched nature of incredible beauty
Why go: Leisure, adventure, interesting tourist routes
Nature has endowed with extraordinary generosity Montenegro picturesque valleys, magnificent bay of Kotor Bay, noisy beaches along the Riviera. The abundance of diverse landscapes and beautiful scenery attracted to this country not only the beach lovers, but also those who prefer to leave and lead an active life. Today, Montenegro is rapidly developing a new direction of tourism - hiking and cycling. It offers travelers a wide variety of routes, laid the valleys and mountains. Gathering in the way, do not forget a bathing suit except to put in a suitcase a pair of comfortable athletic shoes - it is you exactly come in handy!
3. South Korea
The best place for active recreation
Why go: Active rest, lots of interesting places and unique nature, a rich program
Without false modesty it can be argued that South Korea - a unique place that can offer the tourist many diverse entertainment and excitement. Where you can go with an instructor on difficult mountain routes, go fishing, play golf on perfect green lawn. Some people have found out about the opportunities that promises holiday in South Korea. But the country is still not among the most popular tourist destinations. We are sure - this injustice will soon be corrected! Already this year, South Korea is host to a number of international sporting events that will surely attract the attention of the whole world.
4. Ecuador
New paths through the tropical rainforest
Why go: food, leisure, exotic
In 2015 Ecuador planned major upgrade the rail network as a result of which it is planned to connect the multinational Quito to Guayaquil port. There will also be paved path between the famous Ecuadorian volcano Cotopaxi (altitude 900 m) and Mount Devil's Nose, which promise to be so steep and precipitous that without a doubt will make shudder even the most experienced traveler. Developers are sure - their investment will pay off thanks to the large tourist interest.
5. Slovakia
Great transformation in the cultural part of Europe
Why go: The culture, adventure, authenticity
Two decades after the Velvet Revolution Slovakia is one of the most rapidly developing countries. After the country's accession to the European Union and the Government of the Slovak citizens actively took up the formation of a new tourist image. Until now, many tourists know about Slovakia only that there is a ski resort, but the country's potential is much higher! We believe that in 2015, be making a lot of positive changes in the sphere of tourism and travelers from around the world will pay attention to this European country.


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